Building a Website for my Church

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The OP is not having technical difficulties and simply wanted to know where was a section to help drive members to his church.

He can post it in the general area to get the most replies.

However cfs is a place for Fellowship and Not a place to draw customers or members to any particular place.

If he has any questions he can pm a helper or moderator.

well done

i love how clear and easy to read your website is

i love the pictures and the layout of the text

very creative and very professional
Thank you. Most of the work was done by people who had built the first website for our church and others who came up with great ideas.
God Bless
Thank you. Most of the work was done by people who had built the first website for our church and others who came up with great ideas.
God Bless
i can't really see any improvements to be made

the website is so well done - probably as a result of the team effort that went into creating it

so now your question about how to attract more people to church would be a most interesting discussion

imo, most people like to fellowship over food, so refreshments before or after seems to be a drawing card

and an interactive program also attracts people

some like to spectate, but some like to get involved

open discussions/q & a kind of opportunities really attract people

people have so many questions and would like to have a discussion to help them understand Bible truths

a person or a team of people prepared with the answers to the common questions would make this kind of open q & a time really powerful

and a promise to find answers to the tougher questions and report back next meeting satisfies people's desire for answers

imo answering the questions people have really helps them grow in Christ

unanswered questions is what causes people to waver/doubt

i find looking/praying for God's answers to people's sincere questions causes me to grow phenomenally in faith in God's truth as per His written words

God Bless you my dear friend

praying for your ministry

1. have people drop their questions in the offering bucket and answer them at the next meeting

2. spend 10 minutes or less interviewing the onfire members in a talk show style way - this draws people - people love to hear how others got saved and what kinds of miracles God has done for others

3. have open pre-service prayer - this will attract people to God - and give the spiritually strong prayer members of your church an opportunity to get involved

4. have prayer teams praying in a prayer room during the service - there is nothing more powerful than petitioning God during the service and covering the meetings in real time prayer

5. have pre-service worship to fill the building with God's presence - especially free style worship where musicians make music and others learn to sing their own new song to the Lord - a cacophony of joyous sounds unto God - like a symphony warming up - it doesn't have to be perfect - it just has to be real - a chance for people to express to God the love they have for Him straight from their heart

6. build various teams of all sorts to give people a place to plug in and use their gifts

7. have survey cards where people can tell you
A.what they like/don't like
B.what they would like to see
C.what kinds of gifts and abilities they have and would like to use to help the church

that's all i can think of right now

in short people need to connect powerfully with God, feel loved and accepted, feel like they belong, have fun, and feel useful by using their God-given gifts and talents - so if you can do things to create these kinds of opportunities for people, you will grow

God Bless you

praying for you
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Andy1947: I also know of an offline website of a church that has a great website with sermons recorded and all that good stuff (not my church, but a good example of a website). If you google the Free Evangelical Church of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada you will be able to find it. They've done a lot of work on their website and I believe are working at a level that you are aspiring to create. This is just one example of an effective cutting edge website for a church. I would cite others, but it is the only one that I have looked at personally and can recommend as an example. They are fairly sophisticated in that they record all their Sunday services for review by those who are sick at home and for their missionaries in the field. It is a fairly comprehensive site and hopefully will give you some really good ideas. There is also contact information in case you want to talk to them regarding the building of their website - I am more than sure they will be happy to share their knowledge and ideas with you as it furthers the message of Christ in this world. I think you will find them both friendly and helpful.
Thank you. I will look at now.
God Bless