Building Intimacy with God

Building Intimacy with God

Building Intimacy with God :shepherd:
Genesis 16:1-17:8

Intimacy with God doesn’t just happen. It requires determination and a significant investment of time and effort. As we seek closeness with Him, we must learn:

• Conflict Resolution — In human disputes, there is usually error on both sides. But if we find ourselves in opposition to God, then we know we are in the wrong; the Lord is always right. When Abraham fathered a child by Hagar, there was great strife in his home. God kept His promise to make Abraham a father of many nations but did not lift the multi-generational discord that resulted from his actions.

• Trust — Intimacy grows only in an atmosphere of trust. As we understand God’s character more, our confidence grows, and we are drawn closer to Him. Our part is to show ourselves trustworthy.

• Risk Taking — The more we reveal who we are in Jesus Christ, the more we risk facing arguments, experiencing rejection, or being misunderstood. But God understand us fully and promises we belong to Him forever. (John 10:27-29) And any disagreements with Him can be resolved by yielding our desires, seeking His viewpoint, and asking for deeper faith.

• Agreement — For us to maintain a close affinity with God, our schedule and plans must reflect His priorities. We are to be available for His use and open to His directions.

God designed us for intimacy with Him. All that He requires is our presence and cooperation. What priority have you placed on building a deeper relationship with Him?
The most important thing in any relationship is spending time togeather- that is how we get to know each other and develope our intimacy- include God in all you do- work, play, school,etc-and you will fall deeper in love with Him everyday- consider the angels who from before time stood in HIs presence yet even today they are still blown anway by His goodness and majesty- everytime they look at Him they see more for He is without end and everytime they look at Him the response is the same- wow! did you see that- wow! -awesome- HOLY,HOLY,HOLY- spend time with Him the more you want to be with Him the more you will expierience of HIM!
My two cents ;-)

Closeness to God is not a matter of proximity, but of sameness. Intimacy with God is achieved via emulation; to move closer to Him means to act more like Him. We can spend lots of time with God…but what are we doing? Is the time spent in productive activity?
One of the key elements of God’s nature is revealed in His actions; since He is absolutely complete and needs/wants for nothing He does everything for the benefit of others, with no thought of self-gain. If we’re looking for a formula, I think that is the most potent one of all; everything you do, do for others with no thought of self. Of course if we neglect our own genuine needs we will be incapable of benefiting anyone at all, so a balancing act of priorities ensues…but it all comes down to intent. This requires a constant state of self examination with regard to our motives.

Unfortunately our natural instincts tell us that focusing on others means starving ourselves, but this is where God’s challenge to trust Him comes into focus. “For it is in giving that we receive†(to quote Francis of Assisi). The key is to receive for the sake of giving rather than having. Some individuals have suggested that we can give in order to receive, Jesus taught to receive in order to give. What receives the greater volume; a container that overflows, or a conduit that focuses a continuous outpouring?

Just a thought.
Yes, to act more like Him and to find that HOLY,HOLY,HOLY time with him! How much I appreciate the sharing on this site!

I was thinking about what a prodigal daughter like me, who has recently returned from a wayward past, does to rebuild an intimacy with my sweet Lord. My current methods are fairly simple because I'm one of those folks, who will get so busy 'doing' that I forget the quiet time with Him is more important. I have been getting up early to pray and study the Word, to spend time just praising Him and loving Him. I have been slowly searching out what in my life might still be keeping me from a closer relationship with Him, what might I still be insisting on doing to hold Him at arm's length. Through the mercy and love of Christ, I have overcome other addictions but this last one, this one I struggle with still, proving I still don't trust Him Seems like a harmless enough item but I find myself taking my comfort in it, wanting a quick fix instead of an opportunity to get closer to God.

I have been studying Philippians 4, especially verses 6 & 7 where Paul wrote: "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supllication with thanskgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." I want to let go of everything that might distract me in this life and make Christ my focus. Then one of the most encouraging verses, 13: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." Praise God for the hope this brings that I will and can live in repentence and have a closer relationship with Him. That peace that passes all understanding...what a beautiful intimacy with Him. Praise God!
I have to go with relationship on this one- the more time I spend with Him the more I see His nature revealed in me and consequently the more I act like Him-I am changed by His presence- the less time I spend with Him the more my flesh rises up and the rest is not so pretty- but I am just speaking from my personal expierience- drawing close to God, being filled , transformed and used for His Kingdom- there is just nothing to compare to it- your brother Larry:D