Bush visit provokes BIble Billboards and Protests


Bush visit provokes BIble Billboards and Protests

Bush Visit Provokes Bible Billboards and Protests
Israel is bracing itself for Bush “balagan” (means a big mess). Areas around the King David Hotel and the inner city areas of Jerusalem will be closed or cordoned off for tight security during his three-day visit.

In some sections of the visit President Bush will travel by helicopter in an attempt to avoid further road chaos. A total of 10,450 police officers will be on the streets of Jerusalem to safeguard the president.

Giant posters will be positioned over the walls of the Old City. “Bush, read your Bible. God gave Israel to the Jews,” they say.

The campaign has been organised by Tzvi Fishman of the Am K’Lavee organization. “The poster is designed to refocus Israel’s opposition to further withdrawals back to our divine claim to the Land of Israel, as documented again and again in the Bible,” he told Arutz 7.

My taxi driver told me, “I like Bush” as we laughed and joked about the traffic hazard his visit will provoke. Not everyone is overjoyed, however.

Bush will be greeted by more than Bible Billboards: A group of rabbi’s plan to declare the Israeli government “illegal”, soldiers will be encouraged to refuse orders to disband and uproot Jewish communities, and more Jewish sites will be built in Yesha [region of Judea and Samaria] to demonstrate concessions being made by Israel in current “peace negotiations.”

There is a mounting fear that the Bush visit will provoke another “disengagement” similar to the disturbing scenes caused in Gush Katif under the orders of Ariel Sharon.

The steady dismantling of Israel influences in Judea and Samaria [Westbank] are under way and part of the Bush administration’s two-state solution.

It is expected the strong security force will contain the protests during the Bush visit. What will happen after he departs remains to be seen.

(By Ron Ross, BFP Israel Mosaic Radio, January 3, 2008)

Prayer Focus
Much of the protests planned for the visit to the region by President Bush are Bible-based and worthy of strong support. Pray that those who seek to see the will of God for Israel and the Jewish people will not resort to violence.

“Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me; O LORD, make haste to help me!” (Psalm 40:13)