Buying House Behind Gas Station

What are your thoughts on this? The gas station is right behind the house.. The house has a big deck and a little space.. The house itself has a fence, then close to feet of gap.. The gas station has raised a wall about 12 to 15 feet.. The pumps are on left side of the side.. The house is actually behind the mechanic garage of the gas station.. The house itself is very good.. The price is not reduced or anything.. Very much inline with other houses.. The zoning is residential.. Seller disclosure says there are no known leaks.. The street facing the house is a proper residential one and it is a dead end.. So traffic wise there is nothing.. It is sort of in the parallel road to gas station..

As we went inside the house, we felt that peace.. But I am worried about selling again in the future, any health hazards with a 2.5 year old daughter in the house.. I am still praying that the Lord will close the doors if this is not good for us..

What do you guys think based your experience on buying a house like this?
The only downside is twofold: air quality---smells, and soil quality. I know that sites that are near well-established gas stations are sometimes found to have soil tainted from gasoline leaks from the underground tanks. So I wouldn't plant any vegetable gardens, especially near the perimeter of the yard closest to the station.

When we were looking for our house, we really fell for a cute one down the street, which is adjacent to one garage, and two doors down from another! The next house was even better and it is down the other end of the street---nothing here that's commerical!

I'll pray that God will give you His special wisdom about it! Blessings!
The up side is you won't have far to go for milk.
Actually, location wise this is great.. We have Super Food town (not sure if this chain is there at many places) very close.. The street is dead end.. But the fence of food town has a small opening for people to walk.. So no one can get to this street in car, but people can walk.. So if I have parties, I have a huge parking space! And my wife can get everything she wants quickly..

I am not too worried about noise.. Because it is not that close to the pumps.. yesterday I went around 5:30 and did not smell anything.. I still do not know if any smell would come while to do refilling..

My other big concern was on health hazards.. And another worry is, reselling the property in future. I work as a consultant and will never know where my next project will be after few more years..
Some things you could ask is, how long has the current owner had it on the market? How long has the current owner owned the property, how many times has this property come on the market in the last x years? This info (along with a lot of prayer) should help you make an informed decision.
I'd probably be concerned of any health risks in a situation like that too. I'm not sure, I know gasoline contains a lot of toxic chemicals such as xylene, toluene, benzene, etc. I read in a book, I think it was the book Clean Green and Lean, that through a blood test even 8 hours later they were able to tell which people in a sample had stopped at a gas station earlier that day because they could detect those chemicals in their blood (albeit probably at very low levels). But really I think we're all exposed to more toxins every day than at any point in history.
As far as health hazards, I've read that living within a certain distance of a gas station increases the risk of cancer. Might want to google that one. It's the same for living too close to a freeway, also.

For resale, you'll have people who won't buy because of that, but also people who will buy anyway. I would say it would take longer to sell.