Cannot register



Cannot register

Folks, I do not know of any other way to contact you. I am a born-again Christian, but am unable to register. Your sign-in form automatically rejects the words I type in to match the two listed words. I have tried over twenty times. Sometimes it is impossible to read the letters you use, while other times I am certain that I identified the two words correctly.

I tried your sound function, and it also automatically rejects what I type in.

Could you please contact me so that I can register.

Thank you, Vincent Massi

[email protected]
Hi Vincent,
Sorry you are having this trouble..I am sure one of the staff will be in touch with you soon as they can..hang in there ok.

God bless,
Thanks, RiverRock... and yes, we have done preliminary checking and an email has been sent to this person requesting a couple details so we can proceed with determining the cause. We have had 7 applicants successfully go through the registration procedure at the same time that this person was also registering and they had no issues. We will await the return reply from our email.

Thank you.