Cant Thinkn Anything Else

I don't know is it's the pain or my passion that is preventing me from resting. I feel like I'm drunk. I keep hitting the wrong keys. Well I guess thats the silver lining, for this stuff. This is a lot cheaper than beer, it doesn,t my Diabetic condition.

What's on my mind now? My daughter I was trying to reach her that day i don't remember. THE first gabage that came out her moth to excuse her sin was "everybody at Church is a hypocrite.

And, you know she is right. We teach don't get drunk, but half the church is missing.Their still in bead hung over.
we teach to to honor mother and father then stick them in nursing homes, and never visit.
We teach do not kill, then giv our support to those who kill million babies every year.
weteach don't steal then elect someone who will do it for us.
We teach dun't lust,then try to tempt and seduce
we teach to give to the poor, but all the other cars just passed by the young man standing out in the snow day after Christmas holding sign say need work.
we refuse to keep sabbat and dont even teach it.
Had a nice all you can eat pot luck at church. Drove right by that young fellow standing in the snow. didn't have time to invite him to get a plate of food for his sick wife, back at the roach hotel
we teach to rebuke and reprove sin, but don't hurt any body feeling
We want the 10 commandments in public and we don't even know them all, much less keep them.
Some are just like the brat kids on Jerry Springer Show; "Whatever I'm once saved always saved, I do what I want"
We are gluttons who ostracized smokers
Our vanity has no equal. "does this make me look fat" no but all that pecan pie does
How are you? "I don't really care just part of the job."
The church needs new carpet, "you will always have the poor" He's back out there in the snow hoping I'll drive by and give him another $100
We know the tribulation is coming soon yet we have nothing set aside to help the elect.
I cant see the keys are all blury