Carnality and Spirituality Defined

Yes sir it does at that. Exactly because Gods word works best or rather only works His way or the way He said it would. You can spend a life time searching His word and you wont find any place where God ask us for our ways in doing something over His.

Doing things Gods ways is simple - and just hard not doing it our way. I mean our way would stem from our soul ( mind will and emotions ) if we renew them as He commands us to unto His ways then we begin to think as He thinks and we get the results He says we will. How much more simple could it get ?

All it takes is a good quality choice to decide to do it His way or how He has shown us to live here in His kingdom. Then there is no more question on how we operate in our daily lives.
I like this that I heard some time back - All we Need is a Willing Heart to be Willing to do it His way. After that He has got this for us.
Any way nice tio hear from you
God Bless