CFS to be transfered


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CFS to be transfered

CFS will be shortly transfered to servers provided by PrimaryVPS. It may happen within a weeks time.

Reason for transfer

CFS is currently hosted on a 'shared server' which as the name says is shared by many other websites. So activities of other websites on the same server can have an affect on the performance of CFS. The good thing is that it is very affordable.
The server we will move to is generally termed as Virtual Private Server and with this we have our own operating system, softwares and facilities to reboot the machine etc. Which means I will be spending too much time trying to learn these things. :( It also means more responsibility for me as every basic thing has to be managed by the admin. With shared I just had to contact the hosting provider and they set it all up.

  • It has to be faster. I hope.
  • Better administration.
If there's an experienced server administrator here, please pm me. I may need your help or advices. More details later. ;)
Do you think that you will be able to transfer the forum, databases, usernames/passwords, and archived content? With vBulletin, I would think someone out there would have a program that can pull/transfer this stuff for 'seamless integration'. I know phpBB has a plugin
Data such as user info, posts, threads, forums, setting, styles etc are stored in a database. I need to back up and restore this database with shell access via telnet or ssh. Other files such as attachments, avatars, profile pics and custom pictures needs to be transfered via ftp. I don't think vBulletin has a plugin that can do the transfer. They do have something called impex which is an import system to transfer data between different boards.
Update: We are in the process of setting up the nameservers with the help of a kind staff from AMNHosting.