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Jane Blond

A TV station repeats all episodes of the television series Charmed. Into this it is about three good witches and her fight against the bad demons. Did this series run also in the USA? Was it successful there, or as here in Germany, a "non-seller"?
What do Christians think about this? It is only more or less entertainment for them, or connect they with that something negative? How should Christian entertaining look related to television series?

Jane Blond

I have been voted for entertaining, because the stories were too implausible. Moreover, the film scripts must have been grotto bad. It is unclear to me how such a series could come through so many seasons.


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It was huge in America when it was a current show. I seem to remember liking it because of all the fantasy elements, but it went pretty far south in the last few seasons. Just wasn't enjoyable because they couldn't afford to keep the show running up to spec.

I tried watching it again recently and just couldn't get into it at all.

As for Christianity, the important thing is to understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Once that distinction is made, the only question remains is what is left worth watching or does it depict too much negative information to be worthwhile. Charmed does a reasonably fair job of presenting a fantasy Wicca experience. Even Wiccans don't believe that magic works quite the way it does in the show, but those that I've known weren't offended by the presentation either. I'm sure some were, just as I'm sure many Christians despise the thought that such a show ever existed. In the end, it was a TV show that went from subpar, to moderately entertaining, to "needs to end soon". It had some moments, and I believe those moments are past.