I thought all forums did but I guess this one is diifferent and doesn't have one or someone would have answered by now. Maybe that's why this says General 'chat'
Yeah, I haven't seen one. I personally don't even like chatrooms. Lol. People ignore each other usually. Like there could be a conversation going on and someone enters and that person is ignored. Not on purpose, of course.
Hey everyone,

If you would like CFS to add a chat room, please visit the "Suggestions and Feedback" forum and place your suggestions there. Jeff, the administrator would love to hear from you.

God bless,

One reason that it has not been initiated as yet is because of the additional staff, financial costs and additional server space that would be necessary to establish and maintain a Chat room.

Up to now, CFS has been completely free of charge to all registered members, even though the costs to our Administrator are substantial. If additional features are requested, there may have to be some type of member based financing to add and maintain those features to CFS.

Thank you for your understanding.

Understood. l always thought certain things came with a forum, depending on what version or upgrade.

That's great it can be free to us.
Thanks much Jeffin! :)