Cheap Evangelism

Hello there, @Greg B,

I was saved by just such an evangelistic campaign. At the age of 12 years. I walked out in a cloud of emotion and fear, having seen my need of a Saviour, and having been introduced to the knowledge that God had provided a Saviour, in the person of His Beloved Son, who died in my place. Taking my penalty upon Himself.

I did not fully understand what had happened that day, but God did, and He has saved me and kept me.

What matters is that Christ is preached. Whatever tbe motive. The Holy Spirit is able to save to the uttermost, all who come to him, regardless of the weakness of the messenger, or the lack of discipling skills.

I agree with what you say about this form of evangelism, but God's Word is not bound by such unfortunate endeavours. He is able to overrule, regardless of the vessel, honorable or dishonourable.

May His Name be praised!

In Christ Jesus
I totally agree..i was saved the same way too