Check out the free songs


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Check out the free songs

Hello everyone,

Peter Andrew whos our newest member makes christian songs. They are incredibly good to hear. Thumps up from me.

Check out the free songs at his site.

Give your opinions too.
Sing a new song unto the Lord
Jeff...Thank you for your post, your support and your thumbs up! I hope others are as encouraged by them as you! I am at a crossroad in my Ministry (no punn intended) and I need all the support I can get from my brothers and sisters in Christ. Just keep passing the songs along. I have approximately 25+ more of the same style and songwriting quality that you have heard - by God's amazing grace...and the 4 you have heard are 4 of 12 that I recorded at the same time on Decemeber 4th. It is my intent to finish mixing the remaining 8 but I am on hold for now. Thank you again, my brother.
hey bro :-D , I would certainly encourage others to hear them.

Personally I think you are a pro at music. What if there was something for christian songs like the American Idol. That way a lot of christians could get encouraged. something like Christian Idol 8) .... Mayb there could me a thread for that. and a poll for the users to vote for the songs. aah im just fantasising to much. well done bro, keep recording more songs.

Suggestion: you could also come up with slow numbers.

Of course ultimately God's name should uplifted!.
In the Love of Jesus
i liked the idea about having a christian idol sort of program... might be possible.. but if you ask me what the goal of the program would be, i dont know... i dont think hollywood would have a warm reception for christian singers...
in continuation with the previous post.... hee hee

i forgot to mention about the matter that was in focus.. which is that, Peter Andrew has done a wonderful job with the songs.. i liked the song "while i wait for you".. it was something that i pray for..
To Jeff and Benomatthew...You guys are a great enocouragement to me and I do have many slower songs that i hope to finish mixing one day soon. I have sent my DEMO to various venues and have not heard back from any as of yet. BTW...I moved to AZ a little over a year ago from LONG ISLAND, NY! I used to live in Port Jeff Sta. and was an elder at NEw Village Church in Lake Grove. I also worked for KeySpan as their only in-house locksmith. I moved in order to train for full-time ministry. Beno, where on LI do you live and go to church?
Here in Washington there are 2 Christian music "Conferences" that are kindof like music writing compotitions for Christians...That might be somewhere where you could get your music out through. I know that Stacey Orico and Natalie Grant Did compotitions like that here. I can't remember the names of the competitions right now but I know that one is through worthy ministries. I could ask my husband if you would like more info. He is the head of our music ministry so he does research on stuff like that.

Just let me know if you want more info. =D>
Thank you for taking the time and writing me - and for taking an interest in my music. At this point I am waiting to hear back from Steven Curtis Chapman's Manager who I personally handed my CD to a few weeks back. I think the route that you are thinking of is good for certain types of Artist's but I have previously Published works and I am hoping to use those venues available to me in order to land a Publishing or Recording Contract.

Feel free to pass on my web info where the DEMO can be freely downloaded. It thrills my heart to know that these songs are getting out there to the christian family and that they are ministering to them. I'm really not looking to be a "star" but rather a faithful preacher of God's word through any way available to me - In this case it's through Music - Praise God who uses feeble people for his glory!
Bevin...I lived in Queens until I was 11. First in Jamaica (Grant Ave. and Jamaica Ave.) and then in Ozone Park (95th St - right where Woodhaven Blvd intersects with Atlantic Ave.) - then we moved out to LI.

Don't know where your Church is but my cousin used to live in Elmont on "Lucille Ave." and Hempstead Tpke.
Small world, to be sure!

SoulSurfer...Where on LI do you live?

I think I got you 2 LI guys mixed up. Locust Valley is a beuatiful area. I've been up that way with my previous job for KeySpan fixing locks on substations.

I am now living where the sky is real big and the mountains surround the "Valley of the Sun" ("Mesa") in the fastest growing town in the US, "Gilbert", AZ. Who would have thought that when I moved here 1 year and 4 months ago that we picked the place where there would be an incredibnle "BOOM" in Real Estate. Many people are leaving California and moving right here. It has gotten very corwded and they were not prepared for it. They are frantically widening all the roads but they still expect another 1/2 Million people here in the next 4 years.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to encourage me with your post! It is so great to know that people are accessing the songs and enjoying them. I truly pray that they will minister grace to all.

BTW..."I Give My Blood" is on of my personal favorites because I had written it for a brother in Christ who went into the Mission Field (Africa) and I wanted him to have a song on his computer that would encourage him when the enemy of his soul began to tempt him with thoughts of doubt - thoughts that go something like this: "What in the world am I doing here in Africa?"