Cherry picking



Cherry picking


I am an atheist, in fact to be honest I would go as far as to say I am an anti-theist (I can clarify this if required), I have no wish to be saved by anyone from anything but I do hope you would be kind enough to answer any questions I may have. I noted you are not open to debate and will refrain from this, but I do feel that debate carried out in a mature fashion is healthy, and from your point of view may help you to make your beliefs more transparent to non-believers. We surely can't agree with each other all the time, that's just not realistic

Anyway, to kick off, one of the most frustrating aspects of the abrahamic religions is the cherry-picking that takes place concerning the bible (I'll stick to the bible as this is a christian site, I do feel the same applies in Islam)

Christians are very keen to tell us about Jesus meek and mild, and how they live their lives using the bible as their guide, but as I'm sure you are aware the bible is not all meek and mild, kindness and morally upstanding. There are large swathes of both testaments where the opposite is in fact the case. Slavery, child killing, stonings, revenge, greed, women are treated appallingly

When christians are reading their bibles, how do they decide which parts to live their lives by and which to disregard? For instance I'm sure you no longer stone adulteresses or sacrifice your own children's lives to please your god anymore and would not condone anyone else doing so, but would this not be a more christianly way than otherwise?