Chimpanzies hunting with spears

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Boy they're really grasping at straws. I've seen my dog use a broom handle to get his bowl back over to his area.

Does this mean that he was in the process of evolving? No, he was a smart dog!


It doesn't spell evolution but it does spell i n t e l l e g e n c e .:)


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it,s when they start whispering to each other ,and dance round their handbags with war paint on we should worry.:D,waiting for the girly fightback,lol.


Ha Ha you guys are funny and Michael .... You are the icing on the cake. Good for you. You have a great sense opf humour. I like that.
This story really upset me, I mean oooooh! Gave me the willies.

I spent a day (an entire solid day) doing nothing but turning pages and reading the Michael Crichton's Congo came out in paperback. Same thing scared me.

Could you imagine? Man can't even get along with himself, and then here comes another tribe to war with. Monkeys would demand special rights...and get them. There'd be serial killer monkeys and panels of monkey experts. Children would be forced to go to school with monkeys.

You'd be forced to sit next to a monkey in church (if you already don't :p)

I'm being silly, okay?:D