China Denies Reports of a Bible Ban at Olympics


China Denies Reports of a Bible Ban at Olympics

]China Denies Reports of a Bible Ban at Olympics

Organizers of the upcoming Beijing Olympics scrambled last week to invalidate reports that Bibles would be prohibited at the games this summer, reported the Associated Press (AP). Attempting to avert a public relations nightmare, the Beijing Olympics’ official media center called the report “an intentional distortion of truth” and said foreigners will be admitted into China so long as their Bible is for personal use, the AP reported. The Olympics media center spokesman added, however, that all texts of the Falun Gong, a spiritual movement considered an illegal cult by Chinese authorities, are strictly forbidden. Among the many to immediately protest reports out of China placing the Bible on a list of “prohibited objects” at Olympic Village was U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who telephoned the Chinese ambassador for an explanation, the AP reported.
One bible for personal use. If you have two bibles, that's a confiscation. That bible is really a subversive document, if you are trying to supress certain ideas.
My brother in law and many of his church brothers used to smuggle bibles into China. After awhile the Chinese got wise to them and they had to pass that baton to others.
No government can stop God or His Word. The more they try to crush it the more the church grows.