We all have to make choices in everything we do.
We can choose to stay in bed, or get up in the morning,
We can choose to go to work or stay home,
We can choose to eat or starve,
We can choose to walk or run,
We can choose to travel or stay put,
We can choose to buy a house or a tent,
We can choose to go to the opera or to see a film,
We can choose to educate ourselves or stay dumb,
Now the most important choice for us to make is to choose which way we want to live our lives.
To make something of our lives or we fall apart.
Do we choose to help others or go our own way,
It's my choice to write all what I've written here, it may help you or it may not.
For you and me we have a choice to follow God or not to follow Him,
It is our choice if we have a strong foundation in honesty or have a weak one,
If we want eternal life with God, our choice to follow His ways,
God will not force Himself onto us,
It is our choice to develop faith by praying and supporting each other,
It is our choice in which way we want to place our lives,
If you make the right choice to follow God's way be careful as satin will try to push himself onto you,
When this happens you have the choice to call on Jesus to protect you, as you are a child of God.
Jesus the Son of God died and rose from the grave to give us eternal life to be with Him and God our heavenly Father.
We have the choice to call on the Holy Spirit to give us protection.

Now it is our choice to make our lives better, to make amends for our sinful nature, we can only do this with the help from Jesus, as Jesus said that for us to get to heaven we have to be born again and then we will receive eternal life.

Jesus said He is the way, the only way and we are to go through Him for us to have erternal life, Jesus also said, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me makes them want to come."
We have the choice to help others to know the Gospel, but we can not make them follow, all we can do is to plant the gospel seed and motivate them towards the Saviour by giving evidence of how God works in our lives and give truthful information about the gospel.

At times you will feel let down by the ones you talk to, don't worry just relax, live the faith, talk about it, it is their choice to follow or not, just let God do the convertion in them.

A new life with Jesus means a new life style, your choice, are you prepared for the big change to your life.?

written by ramon 11/8/02