Christ-centered counseling

Christ-centered counseling

In person counseling is not always accessible to everyone for many reasons including:
Work Schedule
Unable to find a good Christian counselor near enough

The next best thing is phone counseling. In His Image Counseling and Training offers phone as well as in-person counseling for:
Divorce/Blended Families****
Nutrition and Fitness components
Life Coaching/Communication
Deeper Intimacy with God and others

Lisa Winchell is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Certified Temperament Therapist, and Ordained Minister of Counseling having 10+ years of experience with individuals, couples, and youth.*
Bible-Based Temperament Counseling is provided,*with a whole person approach.**
We first*use the*Word of*God as the basis for all truth and transformation of*spirit, soul, and body.* Second, we utilize*the most in depth and accurate temperament*analysis available, to identify*each clients unique temperament needs, strengths and weaknesses.** Thirdly, we*provide counsel to*each client on the importance of nutrition and fitness to*emotional, spiritual,*relational, and physical wellbeing.***

Counseling is a relationship between counselor and client.* The counselor is a vessel of God's love, empathy, respect, and wisdom.* The client is a disciple of Christ's, willing and eager to participate in the process.**

In this setting, our Christ-Centered Temperament Therapy has proven to be 96% successful.

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