Christian Colleges

I actually went to a great little school in southwest PA called Waynesburg University.

It's not a full "Christian" college. What I mean by that, is that there aren't all Christians that go there. But it's amazing because you get to interact with non-believers and really challenge them in their faith on a daily basis.

Also you can look at either Geneva or Grove City, both are in PA.

I have friends who went to both and say they loved it there!

Good luck!
Baylor University is a big christian school in dallas. Initially people want to go their for their wonderful medical reputation, then they change their mind when they hear about required mass/praise/whatever you call it and the tight restrictions. However, you can still go there for grad school with no restrictions, but Baylor is a very, very christian school if you want to come on down to Texas.

- tsi's friend (dottywine)
My brother goes to Wheaton In Chicago Illinois and he absolutally loves it. He says he loves the classes that help you get closer and learn more about God. And Also the people who he says are very friendly. Two bad things are that its pretty exspensive and hard to get into. But i encourage you to go for it anyways he likes it a lot. If you want to hear more about pm me and I will send you his email address so you can ask him about it.

Good luck and God Bless!