Christian Ed basics

Christian Ed basics

UMC member and new leader of Christian Education. I want our children to learn fundamentals of our faith that will strengthen an support them throughout life. I have been on the internet for at least 15 hours looking for help with this. I teach 3-5 year old children and we are learning who Christ was, how he loves us and showed his love to others, what pray is, how we pray, the Lord's Prayer, basics of creation. But now I need to help grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, develop goals. We just seem to "float" through cirriculum that does not build basic faith. Please help with references ! Our pastor was of no help at all.
I'm sure there is a structured curriculum somewhere that fits what your looking for.. But for me what had the biggest impact on my spiritual life was during that time our "Sunday school teachers focused on OT Stories and principles. Laying the foundations of What a Covenant looks like with God and how the OT Covenant God had with Israel works in concert with what Jesus did, and how it all comes together..

This is a big undertaking and should be done at the individual level and not taught to a "group" or a specific grade level.. In general though start with the stories with the younger kids and then as they become more aware start introducing principles, and then fold in how christianity works with the OT.