Christian music genres

Which genre of music is your favorite?

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Christian music genres

Which type of Christian music do you prefer? (Tell your favorite artists, songs, ect. if you want to.) If you chose "other," then what kind do you like?
I like all Christian music. As long as the words are deep and meaningful! My top three bands are Casting Crowns, Third Day, and Newsboys.

I love Casting Crowns above all because their words always touch a place in my heart and soul. There is not one song that had not touched my life in some way. The leader singer also speaks strongly. God is using him in a mighty way... even the whole band.

Third Day is just below. The words are deep but the music is a tad harder. I love it anyway!

Newsboys because they deliver the message in a WEIRD kind of way. They stand out, they are different.
Very few I don't like. I'm not really much into hip hop and rap, but mostly I like anything.
My favorites would be Southern Rock, Metal, and Pop Rock. I can listen to some folk/rock bands like Jars of Clay, but that's usually it.
I like Caedmon's Call (excellent song writing!!), PFR, Jennifer Knapp, Russ Taff, Wes King, Ashton Becker and Dente, Guardian, Precious Death, Phil Keaggy, Daniel Amos, Bride, Larry Norman (the godfather of Christian Rock, especially his song "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?"), Chris Rice, Deliverence, Sacred Warrior, Narnia, Whitecross, Whiteheart, Lost Dogs, Adam Again, The Choir, Jars of Clay, Petra (especially their older stuff with Greg X Volz, though John Schlitt-- former vocalist for the secular band HeadEast-- was/is good too), Daniel Band, Edin Adahl, Resurrection (Rez) Band, LoveWar, The Channel Surfers, The Supertones, Big Tent Revival, 77's, Clay Crosse, Allies, Sweet Confort Band, Bryan Duncan, Bob Carlisle, Antithesis, Atomic Opera, Balance of Power, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Charlie Peacock (DC Talk remade his song In the Light), David and the Giants, Servant, DeGarmo and Key, Die Happy, Red Sea, Dion, Haven, Siloam, Holy Soldier, Idle Cure, In 3D, Stryper, Jeremy, Jeremy Camp, John Reuban, Toby Mac, DC Talk, Tait, Killed by Cain, Ken Tamplin, Shout, Kings X, Leslie Philips, Mad at the World, Mark Heard, Mark Farner (former guitarist and vocalist for Gran Funk Railroad), Tree 63, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Michael Card, Mansfield and Turner, Tourniquet, Trytan, Saint (sounds like Judas Priest), Venni Domine, Violet Burning, X-Sinner (somewhat like ACDC), Lightforce, Mastedon (former lead singer from the secular supergroup Kansas), and speaking of Kansas, former Kansas member/guitarist Kerry Livgren has some great solo stuff out as well as Dino Elafante from Mastedon.... anywas... Matthew Ward, Messiah Prophet, Michael Sweet, Novella (reminds me a little of Journey), Savior Machine, Sleepy Ray, Small Town Poets, Starflyer 59, Steve Taylor.... yep... I love music!! when I was physically able, I went to Cornerstone for around 8 or 9 years in a row and saw hundreds of bands... that was the coolest!!!

I aso listen to all instrumental jazz a lot.... I am a bit of a guitar freak and listen to everything from Satriani, to Christopher Parkening, to Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, to Buckethead, to Shawn Lane (he could have easily blown Eddie Van Halen away), to the greatest jazz fusion guitarist ever... Frank Gambale.... to Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Blues Saraceno, Phil Keaggy, Michael Hedges..... and on and on it goes....


I chose other. I like Christian rock/metal. I also really like grindcore, metalcore, and doom. And only Christian music. Never listen to secular stuff unless it's on the radio or sometimes downloaded music.

The other type of music I like is movie sountracks, both score and album. So I guess I get secular music in with movie soundtracks, too.
I choose to post other because I love so many different types and styles of music - they are all different but they have one thing in common- they are all some form of worship or adoration of my Lord.
I like most of the christian genres exept rap, hip hop and gosple/choir. I am in luck to have a very good christian station on the radio in Seatle. It has all the songs that people like the most and every weeknight at 10:00 it has a program on stuff from what is happening in High School for the parents to what good movies are coming out. Although some of it isn't apropriate for small children (sex, teen pregnancie ect.) that's why it is at 10:00. Lol.
What about Bluegrass Gospel?

I love Bluegrass Gospel. I also like Southern Gospel, but I voted for Hymns because alot of them were written by great men and women of the faith and most, if not all were taken from Scriptures.

I tried voting for 2, but it didn't work:(
I voted hymns also, because they are probably my favorite.

But I too like some of the newer stuff. Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, and those sorts. I've been to see Carman twice in concert and got to see Audio Adrenaline in their farewell tour(via video that is). I'd like to see a few more.

I also like the Gaithers and that style as well.
I like Christian rock & reggae. Matisyahu's songs are gr8. i really like king without a crown, Jerusalem and close my eyes.