Christian music

I just recently started going to church and getting into Christianity. I really like the songs they sing at church because they seem to have a healing effect on me and they bring me peace. Does anyone have any suggestions of a Christian music CD or something that I can listen to at home.
I don't want to sound negative. But as a new believer, I will have to say this. Music is certainly great. especially worship songs. But always remember that music is only a means. It is a means to what is more important. The worship songs are nothing but a tool pointing to Jesus Christ. Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ. It is the Holy Spirit which gives comfort and brings healing. It is not just the mere song or music.

Having said that, I generally find hymns to be very relaxing and moving. The wordings of hymns are also quite rich.
Scripture in song is good. Google it, the garretts. I have on tape and lp..not sure if they have cds or now on mp3.
Last year my wife, son, and I decided we would like to make a Christmas LP just for our family. We are not professional in any way, but we do like to play music once in awhile. We started out by having my wife play a few Christmas sons on the piano, then my son would orchestrate them using his electronic piano, and software. I sang on one of the songs, and the rest my son sang. We never finished this project, and were to lazy this year to do any more. I am hoping that maybe next year we can add a few more songs. Every thing on this song was done on the piano, even the strings, and drums. This is the song I sang....
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