Christian owned web hosting

Any input on who are the more better Christian owned web hosting companies?
Including back ground such as do they tithe from their business and so forth.
I am looking in the near future to running a combination of two sites and 2 forums which go with each aspect of the ministry.

Also does any one know anything about other then what is advertised on the site ?
Thank YOU for your thoughts
Blessings and Love in Christ
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You will find links to several high quality Christian sites at (knowing and believing). It is a trilingual site (French, English, and Spanish) of which I am owner, and editor.

Generally speaking, I do not insert links towards sites that use publicity, or ask for donations. There are exceptions when I feel that the site's quality of contents justifies a little sollicitation. But I do systematically avoid sites that are heavy on publicity or financial solicitation.

My own site is pursuing the mission of making known what biblical christianity is about, or how to make its teachings one's own. It is itself free of publicity, and totally financed by myself. Of course I do consider that it is a high quality site by virtue of its contents and publicity-free policy. Also I am very careful to identify all sources that I use in its contents.

In sumary, and directly related to your Opening Post, might be a good place for you to look for quality Christian Sites covering a broad range of topics.

God bless you...
Daniel Hello,
I like the site and thank you very much.
I am actually searching for a hosting site or company and I am seeking to find a solid Christian run company. I thought this way if they tithe from the company then I would be placing finances back into the work of God and not buying some guys jag. lol