Christian Radio

Christian Radio

Hey, show your colors here!

For the longest time, there wasn't a Christian radio station in our area. If I wanted to hear new Christian music, I'd have to travel to Portland.

Then...out of nowhere...bam! 105.3 from Yakima, Washington, began showing up in our area. Strange, because Yakima is like a four hour's drive from where I live. There's mountains and canyons and winding roads and the Columbia River Gorge...but lo and behold, I can pick up the station in my car!:dance:

So here's a shoutout...let us know who you listen to in your area; then when and if we travel to that area, we'll know where to tune in.

105.3 FM Central Oregon (Yakima Christian Radio Station)
We have a couple that we get here in the Charlotte area. The local one is right here in the area,NewLife91.9 FM :, and the other is Billy Graham's station out of Asheville which is 106.9 The Light. That one is hit or miss around here,depending on your stereo, your exact location and the weather between here and the mountains. We also have acouple of Christian AM stations that are 98 percent talk, broadcasting just about every Christian radio ministry you can think of. We have AM1150 the truth broadasting network, and AM 960(this one broadcasts radio ministries until 12:30 pm and then turns over to Christian conservative talk radio ;Shaun Hannity's radio show comes on at 3PM Mon-Fri).
I do telephone work and spen about 40% of my day driving, and my radio stays on the of the two AM stations trying to learn as much as I can.Whenever they go to commercial I flip over to the FM stations to get some Godly tunes.
The soft jazz usually is on when I get in the car and I just leave it~

I like a little light jazz too. I switch between the jazz station and the Christian one and sometimes the classical.

Christian radio channel WOLC 102.5 FM Delaware, Maryland area. I don't always get a good reception on the radio, it depends where I am.

I use to listen to KLOVE when I lived in AZ. Nice.

When we travel anywhere, we put the scanner on to try and find the Christian radio station in the area where we are.