Christian Social Life After College???

Hi, I'm 23/m/Catholic, and I graduated from college in December 2012. After graduation, I took up an awful job that required me to work Saturday and Sunday. I did not have much of a social life then. However, I recently quit and have more time on my hands.

I have some secular friends I am close with and have no intentions of parting with them. However, I really want to surround myself with some truly conservative Christians friends (they don’t have to be Catholic Christian). I feel like having more friends like that would help me be more passionate about my faith, be open about my faith, and create a valuable support network that all of us need. Also, I don’t plan on being a lonely monk on top of a mountain who lives alone. I want to meet a morally upright girl who I click with and is marriage-material.

Lately I have been feeling somewhat upset and lonely, because it just seems like most people are completely different from me. Here is what I mean:

-Most people get pissed off if you say you have an absolutist stance on abortion
-Most people my age are not virgins, and that is something important to me
-Most people I’ve spoken to who claim to be Catholic don’t truly follow Jesus at heart
-People are way too materialistic and focus on the wrong things in life
-A lot of marriages fail because people are too selfish
-I can go on but I will stop here

The Catholic church in my town is mostly comprised of old people. Every now and then I will see a young catholic but there isn’t much of a youth scene there. Where should I look to meet new friends my age who are practicing christians? What would you guys do in my situation?
I'm also 23 and I do not have an answer but I believe that the lord will provide people that will help me become closer to god. However these people may or may not be near my age group.
I dont know where you are from but check the website. We are a group of Christians who believe in God and we pray with each other and have bible study our main goal is to get the word of God our to our communities. and we have people around the world join us, China UK, USA, Africa... it's a great. Check out
Here's some advice from an 'old man' (I'm 48, but was young once..). In my 20's before I married, I joined a Christian singles group that was part of a local church. We had a lot of fun at different social events and outings and it felt good to be around other Christians. Strangely, though, I met my wife (a Christian also) at a secular mixed bowling league a short time after the singles group. I would also try out different churches in your area and get a feel for them. If you find one you're comfortable with, attend for a while and see where it leads. In my example, I was raised and confirmed in the Lutheran church, baptized in water as an adult (age 40) in a Baptist church and my wife and I now attend an Evangelical church that has contemporary music (rock even! wahoo!) and stage productions. Keep the faith and take care. God bless you.
I agree with gbeecher. Go try out different churches in your area. If you feel uncomfortable attending service on your first visit, then go to a social the churches have on the weekdays or Saturday nights. "Seek and ye shall find."

Also, remember that when you love God, the "world" will not love you. So stay with your values. You will find other like minded Christians.

Hope that helps!!
Try meetup dot com. They have different groups for different types of interest in most cities. If they do not have a group you are interested in you can create one. I've signed up for a few different groups, photography, hiking, snowboarding, bible studies etc. Never been to any of them, but I have signed up, and it seems like a good way to meet new people.

You could also try joining a gym, going to coffee shops. Be outgoing and just go where ever people are and start up conversations. You'll start making new friends in no time!