Christian teacher fired for wearing hijab

Jun 9, 2015
In the hand of the father
To correct what the media has often misrepresented in this story. Wheaton college, a traditionally conservative Fundamentalist Christian higher education campus, did not fire this professor. She is on leave. And it is not because she donned the Hijab. Rather, it is because on her social media account, being she is a political science professor this being concerning as well in my bire, she said that the God of Christianity is the same one as that worshiped in Islam.
Dr.Hawkins donned the Hijab after consulting with a non-Muslim media relations member of CAIR , affiliated with Muslim terrorist agencies like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (**District Court finding to that effect. PDF link), to insure her wish to show solidarity with Muslims as a Christian would not offend Muslims.

Wheaton College Statement Regarding Dr. Larycia Hawkins