Christians Who Don't Seem To Care

Wow, @God is Love! You must be really hurting, to write such a note back to me, because you must be in such pain that you did not read what I wrote. You stopped short.

You are being loved and encouraged by the writers in your thread! Please take that, and read what the writers are saying to you with an open heart. Okay?

And I don't remember what that Scripture is, so in the meantime, I will try to remember and tell you.

You are loved, young man. What a heart for both your mother and G-d you must have! Let it develop in kindness.
You're right. I'm just really frustrated tbh.
This could be directed to any Christian who doesn't seem to really care about their faith yet claims they're a Christian, but i'm going to focus specifically on my mom because she is the one i'm having trouble with. Ok so my mom is a really nice person, but it seems like she has no interest in her faith. She says she has been a Christian since she was born (don't get me started on that, because I don't understand how she can say that either) and yet she has read like none of the bible. I've tried suggesting to her to read the bible instead of watching the bachelor for example, but she just says "I know, I know" and then watches the bachelor. Before I became a Christian about 5 months ago, she didn't even go to church. She never talked to me about Christianity when I was unsaved and whenever I asked her about something she never had an answer. She married my dad who is a non-christian and they got divorced when I was a kid. I just don't get it. When I talk to her about a Christian topic or show her a Christian song she seems uninterested, it all doesn't make sense. She doesn't seem completely out of it because sometimes she will pick up a Christian book or watch a christian video/sermon, but idk. Has anyone had to deal with someone like this? I feel like i've told her a million times "why don't you read the bible right now" when she isn't doing anything, or when one of her secular shows comes on, I don't want to be annoying. idk what to do.
I dont know if you do already, but if you dont....pray with her whenever you can in the name of Jesus. Every situation, every meal, every hardship, every victory.

Our prayers in the name of Jesus have a lot effect!
Many people who are "Born" christian really aren't... Unfortunately, Christianity cannot be passed by blood... It's not like an ethnicity..... It's not a heritage either like growing up American or English....

That's the thing about Jesus... Reading his words makes you realize that he was one of the most "un-religious" people ever... but that's lost on so many of these who grew up like this.... They are always hearing what they always heard... The church services feature a nice "Meditation" about some recent subject or thoughts about good living, morality, love, kindness, etc... But... They NEVER confront the person with the Words of Jesus himself....

and it's so sad because you aren't saved by being a good person.. you aren't saved by going to church or for having "Good Christian Morals" or "Living right".... The truth of the matter is the opposite of these people's world view...

That's what is so shocking and scandalous about statements like:
Tax collectors and harlots are entering the Kingdom of God before you.. Matt 21:31-32
The woman caught in adultery released while her accusers were declared guilty... John 8:3-11
Even doing great deeds in Jesus name isn't good enough..... Matt 7:21-23