Christmas tree

That stuff works? Please forward the name as my wife only has a few of her nice glass ornaments left!
The one we got this time is called "Indoor/outdoor Pest Control:A scent based training aid for your own pet" made by Pet Sav'r products. It works for 12- to 24 hours, so you have to spray it on everyday, but since its only to protect our tree and other glass decorations around the place, it is worth the effort. It is not scent free, so I'd try it out in the store before you take it home, so you won't be suprised. It s not bad, just unique.
I still haven't gotten my tree up yet!!!!:eek:

Things are still crazy around here. I am hoping to get everything up sometime in the next couple of weeks.

We put up a tree, white miniature lights, white bell lights with gold bows that play music and dance several different ways, gold garland, and an assortment of "family" related ornaments such as baby's first Christmas for each of the kids, etc.
Hey Laura...... Got your tree up yet ? And I suppose you got all your baking done too...... LOL
Shockingly, I am not a good "baker" at all! I'm a gourmet cook, but not good at making desert. In fact the only really good sweet thing I make is baklava. Oh, and my tree's been up since after TG! Both of them!:D Hey Dusty, I read in another post of yours that is 10 degrees up in your world! I wish I lived there! It's going to be in the 70's here today! It's no Christmas without snow for me!:sad01_anim::sad01_anim:

Oh, but I wish it weren't so cold. It's hard on the heating.My furnace never stops. And by the way I love Baklava,,,, but is is so sweet. You can't eat too much of it

And we have lots of snow too . If it stays this cold it will be around for a while . And then we are told that another snow front is coming this weekend.
We have a plastic tree.:D Same one now for 10 years. I like the thought that that means 10 extra trees out there in the woods.

Anyway, we decorate it different every year. Last year we had turquoise and silver balls. The year before that was red and silver. The year before that was gold and purple. I can't remember about the year before that.

This year it's stuffed toys! I'm an expert at those claw machines. I usually get one every time. We throw them in a garbage bag in the guest room this year we made them our decorations.

It came out looking so nice! Yeah, we put it up the day after Thanksgiving, he he he. Last year we had it up Nov 1 and left it up until like March.

Hey, Ya'll! We have an artificial tree because one year there was a tree blight and a major shortage of trees! My husband had to go 2-3 towns over and found the LAST fake tree! We've had one ever since because it sure saves us on money and saves the trees! hee!

The latest artificial tree we got is a white one, and we put blue lights, and red and blue ornaments on it. I tried to keep it all blue, but so many people have given us fire fighter ornaments, what can you do? So we are being patriotic! ha!
I tie my tree to either the air conditioner sitting in the window (hey, its West Texas! There are still days we have to run the a/c!) or to a hook in the wall and that keeps the cat from knocking the tree over. I also tie the ornaments on so they cant be knocked off! Learned from all the cats we've had in the past! ha!
Air conditioning in the winter!

The only time I had an air-conditioner still in my window was that year after I had my surgery and just never got around to taking it out!:eek: