Church in Corinth

Church in Corinth

Please can somebody help,

I am looking for literature that shows evidence of the Church in Corinth after the letters from Paul.

There is plenty of evidence that the church existed in Corinth but I am struggling to find documentary evidence of what happened after the letters from Paul.

Did the church heed his warnings about pride and division or did they carry on as they where. Did the church at Corinth survive their problems?

Please help, I am trying to do an assignment on this very issue.

I have found some interesting things while researching this topic.

In the epistle of 1 Clement, the author writes a letter to the Corinthian church. He initially commends them on their hospitality, faith and service to God and then he rebukes them for pride and rebellion within the church which has arisen when some church leaders got replaced for no moral reason.

The epistle of 1 Clement is not part of scriputre but has got significant historical value as most scholars agree that the epistle is genuine.

From this I can assume that the Corinthian church initially responded well to the letter from Paul and became a God fearing church but many years later fell away from the truth yet again.

Clement ends his epistle with a statement asking the church to repond to his letter with a report that the rebellion and pride has been fixed.