Church on Sunday

I just have to say that church on Sunday was so good. I was sitting on the edge of my seat listening...... God sure was good to me in directing me to this church. It is the place where I need to be. It has taken years to find a new church home and He sure did bless me beyond words. This pastor is authentic, transparent, sincere.... preaches the truth. Every single thing he says lines up with the Word of God.

It's hard finding a church home where the preacher truly preaches repentance, salvation, redemption, the TRUTH.

I am so happy and feel like I arrived home. Such a wonderful feeling.


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Senior Moderator
Hello CoffeeDrinker;

I was blessed to read about your joy in church worship earlier this month. The last two Sundays we experienced joy in our worship. Some of us are learning it's about what we can give of ourselves, in open love, acceptance and uplifting one another. It has made a profound difference in their personal relationship with Jesus when they go out the doors and keep the worship going in the community.

Merry Christmas, CoffeeDrinker!