Church Reaches OUt To Victims Of Wildfires


Church Reaches OUt To Victims Of Wildfires

Church Reaches Out to Victims of California Wildfires]

]As wildfires ravaged areas of Southern California last week, leaving three dead and destroying homes, schools and properties over an estimated 760 square miles, volunteers from 10,000-member The Rock Church quickly took action and helped feed and shelter 348 evacuees. Only four days after the first fires were reported the San Diego-based church was certified by California’s Office of Emergency Services as an evacuation and distribution center. Partnering with Christian ministries and secular companies, the church was able to provide food, clothing, toiletries and bedding not only to those who’d evacuated to the church but also, through its distribution, to an estimated 10,000 others. “This is what the church is about. What the gospel is about. It’s not about Sunday meetings,†said Miles McPherson, The Rock’s senior pastor. “It’s about loving [people]. We have to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity we have to share the gospel. You never know what God’s going to do.†The church was also able to offer medical care, childcare, pet care and a viewing of the World Series to evacuees