Church skits

Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
We had an easter skit last week for our church (I played a drunk) and I reckon its a good way for church members to interact and get involved, and also think about the message God is asking you to portray. Great for sunday school classes too. Its always fun dressing up.
My tips would be ...keep it short and simple. Make use of props. Sound effects can be good. Have everyone clear on what their role is. Give encoruagement and direction. Pray together before you start.

Keep a crown of thorns handy (for the person who is going to play Jesus) and...a bed sheet makes a great white robe.
Aug 9, 2020
When i was in the youth group at my church, i used to dress up and use props all the time, We would put on plays for the whole church. Youth is fun isnt it, i do not just mean as part of a youth group, but as part of a youth citizen. For example there are no bills to pay. Public school was awesome, etc.