I went to see this movie over the weekend. Thoughts kept on coming to me while I sat there watching the destruction.

In the movie, something (I'm not going to spoil it for anybody) comes and thus begins the utter destruction. This movie is told from a Blair-Witch kind of point of view...supposedly, someone has a camera with them that never runs out of batteries or film (even when night-vision and lights are used), and they leave it running during the commotion.

The story is about three friends who stick together through the entire thing. One of them wants to go back and get his girlfriend out of a high-rise apartment building...even though he broke up with his girlfriend and she's seeing somebody new. The other two friends decide to tag along.

On the way, they have to avoid this sky-scraper sized "thing" and the creepy-crawlies that it's leaving behind. Once bitten by a creepy-crawly, terrible things happen.

I still think it's too close to 9/11 to be making stuff like this up. Instead of the "thing", I kept on seeing planes colliding into buildings. People running from debris storms from the towers. Horrified, shocked people wandering like zombies out of the ruines.

The "thing" is like the devil. All it wants is destruction and pain and misery and tears. Everybody in the movie is running from it. Nobody is trying to get closer to be its friend. Nobody is liking what it's doing and wants to stick around for more. Nobody wants to rock 'n roll with it (air guitars). It's an enemy, to the point. It wants to hurt people, it has no feelings. It has no love. Its intentions aren't friendly. It's not bringing pleasure or bliss. Pure hate. It's like the devil.

There's one shot in the movie where there's no hope for the cameraman and he's screaming at the top of his lungs: "Please, God! Please, God! God, God, God...God, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

I wanted to stand up and cheer!:D Some people say if our lives end suddenly and horribly, we're either going to scream "Mom" or "God". Only God can forgive.

At the beginning of the movie, I was wondering if I had wandered into the wrong theater...the first part of the movie takes a big chunk of time regarding the going-away party. But once it gets rolling, it gets rolling like the Statue of Liberty's head!:eek:

You guys know how much I like movies...just wanted to share my two pesos with you on this one.;)
I went to go see this film Saturday night. I showed up at 9:20 for the 10:25 show, and it was sold out. I eneded up watching National Treasure 2. But I'm going back for Cloverfield next weekend.
I went to go see this film Saturday night. I showed up at 9:20 for the 10:25 show, and it was sold out. I eneded up watching National Treasure 2. But I'm going back for Cloverfield next weekend.

I woke up at 6am, leisurely at breakfast, watched the news, got ready, drove the 50-miles to the theater for the first showing.

The reason? I can never concentrate on the movie when it's full of screaming teens, all trying to act cuter than the next.:( I pay to see a movie, not be a babysitter, hee hee hee.

Just as I planned it, there were only grown-ups in the theater that early. Kids these days like to sleep until noon on their days off, hah!:D

I got to watch the entire movie, beginning to end, in quiet. There were only 8 of us in the theater.:eek:

I love those shows.:)
I went to see the movie the day it premiered. It was sold out all evening so I wound up watching the movie at 11 45..I thought it was fantastic
Well to be Honest, I don't think we as a country should live in a mindset where we wonder "Has enough time passed since 9/11 that I can imagine a monster movie?" or "Has it been long enough now for me to do this or that?"
Thats letting yourself live in fear. That is the kind of attitude the terrorists want from us.

As Solomon said "Eat, Drink and be Merry."
Enjoy the movie, and praise God that you still have the freedom and ability to even go to a cinema...

Jeremiah - true, true.

Not so much fear,'s just that if I lost someone dear to me when the building collapsed, it would be hard to see some of those scenes in the movie that look like newscasts of 9/11. It happened, it's in the past, I know I shouldn't become angry or sad about things that are in the past...but wounds that big sometimes heal slowly.

But yeah - I see what you're saying. Don't let the terrorists win.