Com Ports???

I would like to know, (in plain English) how to tell a Windoze based communications program that while it thinks it wants to talk to com port 1-9, what it really wants is to talk to usbtty0.
I'm wanting to run said program in my laptop running Linux/wine with a serial to usb converter.
Anybody know the answer?? So far, googgling has only turned up a lot of elaborate schemes that promise much and deliver zilch.
A suggestion I've found is to make a symbolic link to the device in the wine dosdevices directory, eg:

ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
Thanks for your reply :). I'll keep it in mind.
Update...I'm slumming it by using Windoze 7 OS...Ohh well:cautious:. I found the same difficulties with that until I reloaded the Bios is now working. But that was obviously not the Linux issue. I'm suspecting I'll crash windoze shortly while trying to rid the registry of unwanted ultravnc stuff.If that happens I'll reload Linux and try your idea.