come back


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come back

when ou go low to that dreadful place,renember to get your smile with grace.
they tryto knock you,and tell you your no good,survival of the fittest in a billion year old hood.
never accept the lies and check out there drool,you don,t want to become anothers fool.
God made you free just like the clouds,ain,t made you a sucker or a numb nuts now.
we all need help so swallow your pride,but find it from the leader,not from a pack of lies.
the thing with packs theres a pecking order,and the higher you go,is anothers terror before ya..
in this war we live in,it,s media and stuff,anothers drea to make you a gruff.
they need you brain dead to peddle there goods,and they won,t be living in your neighbourhood.
your spirit is in bonds which you need to set free,or else you will end up in a druggies entry.
they want to keep you from the WORD and use birds eye adverts to give you the bird.
keep your mind sharp and your spirit pure and hopefully you can get out of the door.