Composting 101

Free fertilizer, better soil and all for a bit of labor and the price of a trash can. That sounds good to me. Don't get suckered into buying one of those $100 compost kits. You can do it yourself for much, much less.

If you garden you know how quickly costs can escalate. Peat moss or other soil conditioners, fertilizer and mulch all add to the cost of your garden. Now add the cost of bagging and removing plant trimmings, grass cuttings and leaves and suddenly gardens and lawn care are expensive!

Composting will allow you to dispose of most organic waste and provide loads of free fertile mulch that will help enrich soil. Here are instructions on how to begin composting today - follow the link to the original article in the Thrifty Times.
I agree with composting, but at the same time, if you live in the right area and know the right people, you can get additional free fertilizer. Like, I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, and have a friend who raises sheep. She is more than happy to get rid of their well-rotted manure (aka fertilizer), so anytime we want, we can go and get as much as we want! If you have friends in a similar situation (raising animals such as sheep, cows, or horses) you may want to get in touch with them for fertilizer for your garden! :)