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computer games

Hi again!

Am I the only active gamer on this forum?

I live from disability, and though I do have a small part time job, I have much free time. I spend the major part of it with my computer, either with the internet or with games.

Lately I've been thinking to see whether I could find other christians with whom to make good computer games. I have little skill as of yet, but I could imagine to learn some blitz basic or another easy language.

Over the years I have bought myself a sizeable library of computer games and can say that I thoroughly know something about gaming.

But, somehow, I find many modern computer games lacking. For example, take the various roleplaying games on the market. Nowadays there is a trend in such games that the player is allowed to do as he pleases, to be completely free in your actions. That means, you can play such games as an evil character. One such game I own, Fallout 3, even allows the enslavement of people, even going as far as making it possible for the gamer to sell children into slavery.

Although the game and other games like this are made very well technically, I have trouble with such games, from conscience. Sure, I need not do such things and can use the freedom in such games for positive ends. But still I feel bad about it.

I would much prefer to have games that teach you something about life without dragging you into evil things. For example, I would like to make a role playing game about a policeman who simply tries to arrest criminals. The modern game industry would likely turn such a policeman into a shady figure, much like it happens in movies. Lone rangers all over. Why is there no will to fight for the good? Modern game heroes are either violent and smart people (think GTA), or they are lost in despair and misery and fight other people to take revenge (Max Payne).

I would also be interested in better management games. I have a game called "The guild", in which you can live in a medieval city seeking to establish a business and to become famous. It's a good game, but like with other games I mentioned, it has flaws. For example, you can marry and yet also have an affair with other women. You can lie and cheat in the council meetings. And there is no real reward for doing good in such games.

I am aware that most games in this way or another deal with evil. It's like with kids' games, like when they play cowboy and indian fight each other. There's not much wrong with it provided it remains a game. But again the modern industry does wrong there. Many modern games are made to immerse you in another game world, or in a historical setting. But why are games becoming so dead earnest? Why aren't they more humorous? Why must I always literally slip into the skin of some warmonger, for strategy games, why is it less possible actually to play as a good king? For example, when I play Medieval 2, a strategy game where I control a medieval empire, why is there little incentive from the game to play as a good king? If I want to win the game, I must always conquer, conquer, conquer. There should be more possibilities for good there.

I'm not sure if people should not be allowed to play evil in games. I'm really not sure. But there should at least be more options to do good, and less of this tiring earnesty.
i like RPG's aswell acouple of my faves have to be Elder Scrolls III the Morrowind and Fable. the bigest reason i like those is because you can do any thing you want weather it is good or evil (and yes i have done both). another reason i like games like that is because if you do decide to be "evil" and get caught you will get punnished. though if you want a Christian based game check out any Chritian book store, one Christian game i really liked was Exodus for sega more of a puzzle game but alot of fun.
I got a kick out of this post cause I LOVED the sims! But what was funny was my consiounce(wow I can't spell) would not let me kill any of them, and I felt bad if they got sick or something silly :).. I think having a good heart like you are talking about is great, and alot of people would really enjoy the idea of a game that is not violent and the bad guy does not win, nor can you be a bad guy either.. I liked it!
Hi New2Christ,

haha I have that game too. I also feel responsible for my sims.

Recently I played a game of sims when I let a male character I had made get into a relationship with another sim that lived in the same village. But it was adultery, she was already married. I felt so bad about it. LOL ... it's just a game, I know, but somehow my little family there didn't feel good to me anymore.
i duno i guess thats the reason i like games like that i useually go as an evil person on rpg's i guess the bigest reason is because that is the compleat opposite of me in r/l

Brother Mike


I got a kick out of this post cause I LOVED the sims! But what was funny was my consiounce(wow I can't spell) would not let me kill any of them

You can build a wall around them, and they will starve to death leaving a urn.


Been playing Games since 1977.

I check my spirit when playing games, If I get a Stop sign by the Holy Ghost, then good bye game.

We just bought Fallout 3, I like that fact you can be good in this game as in real life. Well, I have not even gotten out of the vault yet, so.......

2Co 12:19
Again, think ye that we excuse ourselves unto you? we speak before God in Christ: but we do all things, dearly beloved, for your edifying.

Eph 5:10
Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

Col 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Does the Game edify you?
This is different for everyone......... Walk in the light you have.

Jesus Is Lord.
Im quite a gamer as well. The only thing that sucks is that my computer back home isn't that great a deal. Its quite old and everytime i get a new game and install it i figure out that i need a new part. It either has to be a new video card, some more extra RAM or i end up changing the MOBO altogether lol...

Im really wanting to play Call of duty - world at war right now...Ive played modern warfare and liked it so im waiting for my old comp to arrive here :D