Consider this

Consider this

If you had a broken family with shared care of your kids.
and your ex's new partner hit one of the kids, what would you do???
I am not gonna lie, I would smack the living daylights out of them.

But what is the Christian thing to do?? obviously you cant just "forgive" and let it go on...
Something must be done, but what???
that depends on what you mean by "hit". If my kid did something worthy of a spanking, then I would not have any issue with it at all. But if by "hit" you mean something other than a swat on the rear, then I'd have to take exception with what they did
Well I just cant hit my child at all...
I have tried to "spank" but I just cant do it hard enough to hurt at all, every time I have tried she just looks at me funny...
What really gets her is sending her to bed, or her room, she absolutely does NOT like that punishment at all.
So to me, any hit that hurts my child is absoultly without a doubt WRONG