Contraception Is Anti-l;ife

now, im going to point this out, we are all debating this, and has anyone noticed the original op has not responded once? its because hes a spammer. He was banned from another site im active on for the same reason. Dont know if that bothers anyone, but I just thought id throw that out there.

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An apple clearly gives us energy. A fish clearly gives us protein. Bread clearly gives us carbs. What in nature clearly gives us birth control?

My wife uses birth control and I do not believe we are in sin. But I do feel we all need to accept that it was never God's will that we limit baby production. The society we are in places high costs on us for kids, makes having many kids seem abnormal and free sex is promoted.

If we look at how God is allowing us to endure such an evil world we see that God wants to maximise His return on His investment. Hence, the more babies we have the happier God is, fact!

One popular method, was a version of the cap or diaphragm, the Talmud mentions that women used sponge soaked in lemon juice. Other cultures used similar methods, such as using cotton soaked in various planet extracts . Acacia plants have proved to be very effective as a spermicide
Just proof that it was never God's plan for us to do this. If God wanted birth control He would have given us the ability to literally switch our reproduction ability on and off. We have eyelids for sleep, but nothing for birth control for a reason.
Not at all, the church has made sex dirty and something to be ashamed of, however God intended us to ejoy a full physical relationship, otherwise why would this be written to the Corinthains.
I made a silly statement in my first post. We can have sex with our wives well into pregnancy. Babies do not have to cause us to burn with passion.
Birth control for rape=murder.
Would you say the 'morning after pill' is murder?

disease, sensible precautions to prevent transmission of, but its still contraception which is evil to the Pope.
I don't think you are giving the pope a fair trial here. The pope would argue that free sex caused the diseases in the first place. The pope would not be against condemns if it were for protection from non-sex related diseases.

Birth control is not destroying anything, its preventing it, a big difference, destroying is murder, prevention is not.
But it is destroying. Consider my flash disc example again. Windows 2013 is gone. It no longer exists. It was destroyed. It was stepped on. Birth control is closing the port / Not putting a flash disc in. Birth control is celibacy. The only time I think its fine to destroy the flash disc is if someone forcefully put it in or it was carrying an un-expected virus.

Birth control is not a sin. But it is not God's will either. Jesus taught us to seek what pleases God. Having many babies pleases God, no?:).