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In Discipleship Journal author Jean Fleming writes:

Recently something rapturous happened a few spaces down the church pew from me. The pastor announced that a young boy in our congregation named Crockett had given his heart to Christ that week. Another boy, about four years of age, jumped up on the seat of our pew, thrust his fist into the air, and yelled, "Yeah, Crockett!"
His response was totally unself-conscious; his joy and exuberance exhilarated and rebuked me. His mother had him sitting again in a second. Too bad. The entire congregation should have been standing on the pews.
In the life of any church, history is made when a person received Christ. These are moments so great they must be celebrated in heaven and on earth.

Celebration, Community, Enthusiasm, Expressiveness, Rejoicing, Reserve
Luke 15:1-32; Rom. 12:15