Cougar attack... near Vancouver . Canada.


We had a wolf not far from where I live that killed a little dog . That's what happens when the city takes over and the animals are forced out of their habitait . Where are they supposed to go ?

I see skunks , raccons and the occasional fox and I am right in the city .
We don't have any wolves left down here that I'm aware of.
Lots of coyotes.

The mountain lions are few but they have been spotted on campus in Lawrence, a few kids have been hurt or killed by them in the last two or three years, and they seem to like the taste of veal.

The good thing about them is that they keep the deer population down.

We also have packs of coyotes that have bread with large domestic dogs, like German Shepherds and Collies and such. That makes for a very dangerous pack animal, large, powerful, and unafraid of humans.