Has anyone read or heard anything on this subject??
I just finished a book called "Best Friends for Life'
by..Micheal & Judy Phillips.
It goes into the whole "old" but being revived,method or I should say alternative to "dating". I read it in one night and I think every parent of a young teen should read it,even if not all aspects of these concepts are agreed with ,
it is infused with wisdom and common sense,so that anyone could take something positive away from it.
Anyway ,I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the subject. I could relly use the imput,because the person that sent me this wonderful book is my 13 year old daughters VERY close 21 year old friend from an on-line Christian site,who happens to be of the opposite sex,....and they have become extremely close,and both have expressed an intrest in each other {for future romance},when she's like 17 or 18,
So, I'm looking for some good Christian imput.

I have three daughters from 20 to 14 and a 21 year old son. We asked each of them to consider not dating and not thinking long term about relationships all through high school. (OK, one will start HS next year and we are working on her!) We have stressed no one on one relationships! Not even talking about it.

My daughters have read the book "I left Dating Behind" and all have agreed to do just that. My oldest now has a "boy friend", but he first called me before taking my daughter out and has called me twice since then, just to get to know me. I gave him our family's expectations and he was kind enough to understand and accept them.

I think you should talk to your daughter and explain that it is WAY TOO EARLY to be talking about marriage and the like. She should concentrate on growing to be a strong godly woman. Perhaps you can list together what she should concentrate on in order to present herself to God - well prepared to do whatever God calls her to do! My guess is she should concentrate on school work, learning about God, successfully submitting to her parents and those in authority as well as serving in a local body of believers. Most likely that should not include any worry about who and when she will be getting married.

May God's grace and peace be with you and your daughter.