Cranberry Salad Failure

Nov 12, 2007
Cranberry Salad Failure

Dole! :smiley310: My traditional salad for Thanksgiving and Christmas failed this year! It was a cranberry jello salad, and is always the highlight with the many leftovers. The only thing I did differently, is that I used a fresh pineapple my dh had gotten earlier, instead of a can of crushed pineapple. I crushed it in the food processor. Could this have made the jello not set? Too much juice?

Does anyone know how to fix it?


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Apr 22, 2008
oh yeah. The enzymes in fresh pineapple break down the proteins in the gelatin. Not sure how to fix it though. Maybe use an extra packet of unflavored gelatin?
I have to agree with singlebelle, add extra gelatin SS. hey don't worry sis it will come out good. it is called rework with additional materials. MMMMMMMMMMM I do this all the time at werk to get it right for label claim. Otherwise my vitamins are no good.............the vitamins are good but the label is toast. Try it again sis SS

Chili out