Created to serve?

How many times have you had the thought that you are just being used and abused by those whom God has put in your life? Do you know that thought is not from God? The devil put it there to tempt you to get into sin. To tempt you to get into bitterness and unforgiveness (which are sins). Because he knows that those two things will give him a way in to rob you of peace, joy and any other thing that God is setting up for you. By thinking those thoughts your allowing the devil to steal the gift of serving others from you. A gift that God created in you.

I know it is tough to "feel" used and abused...but you have to turn it around (take those thoughts captive), and put your "feelings" aside. Because love and compassion are not "feelings", they are character traits of God. Take a look at Jesus and everything He did. He came to this earth just to serve (heal, deliver people from demons, and preach The Blessing) and then die to be a sacrifice for us. And He has called us to do the same...preach or share, and take the burden removing, yolk destroying anointing to those around us.

In the past couple of days God has been driving home walking in love and forgiveness within me. God is love and forgiveness and giving, giving, giving. All the while people just take and some never acknowledge that He is the one that gave it to them. So i am supposing (really i am knowing) that God knows exactly how you feel, and is allowing you to "feel" just a smidge of what He feels. BUT (and this is the part that i want you to grab ahold of :)), He continues to love mankind. He is unhappy when He cannot bless us because of the sin that we allow to come into our lives.

Just some things to think about and settle within you. I had to, and continue to have to. Because the devil is persistent and will pick at you or pressure you till you give in (unless you put him in his place with the Word of God). When we get out of walking in love for those in our lives....we close the door to what God is doing in us and through us. And then we reap the frustration and it hurts our spirits. Because walking in love is God's ways and walking in bitterness is the devils ways. And walking in the devils ways (over time) lead to death of our spirits. Its like starving your spirit to death. JESUS told Peter to forgive 70 x 7. That is every day.

Maybe its time to pray about where you are? Pray about what God's purpose is for your being there? If it is to serve, and to give...then consider that your job in the kingdom and be at peace about it. If you have no peace, then its time to pray and ask God why you have no peace. Maybe there are some things that you need to change? Maybe you are not where you are supposed to be. But take some time to pray about it before making any decisions.....peace my friend God is working good things in you :)