Creations of God


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Hello you and welcome.

Being a Christian is tough. When you are led by the spirit to share the truth about God and Jesus Christ our Lord.

People can mock you, laugh at you, look at you like your crazy.

As Christian followers of the Lord we are to live at peace with all people, love God, and then we can love others. Forgive others, for we have been forgiven.

If someone believes in the Lord Jesus Christ already but has different beliefs, we are called to live in unity with them, also we can share our knowledge with them but if they reject it; it is okay.

Jesus Christ teaches us to judge ourselves and not judge others, pray for others, and love God and then we can love others.

The world says love yourself, it is not true.
The world tells you are a king or you are a queen. This is also not true.

(Jesus Christ is the King of kings, the Lord of Lords).

We are all creations of God, if you believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ you are a child of God.

You can grow from a child, to a teen, to a young adult, to a mature adult son of daughter of God.

Keep growing your knowledge of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

God's desire is for all people to come to the knowledge of the truth, and he is not willing that any should perish.

1 Timothy 2:1-4
2 Peter 3:8-10
John 1:12
Galatians 4:6
Romans 8:14
2 Corin. 6:18