Cross of glory and not of curse

Gal.3:13-Christ has redeemed us from curse of the law,being made a curse for us,for it is written,'Curse is everyone that hangs on a tree.
Being too familiar with the Passion of Christ,most believers fear,when we come cross ,'Any man that does not take his cross after me,is not worthy of me'.
I think,it is best,we knew,the cross,Christ,is offering us.The cross,upon which,He broke,the power of sin,is no more.For the reason,He ever came among us,was to do that,we were unable to do-freedom from the bondage of sin.For all have sinned,inorderwords,all were a prisoner of death(sin is the crime,death is the penalty),so it required one,who wasn't in the bondage of death,to die for all and that was what Christ,did for us.
Now that,He has done it,it is forever done.Heb10:10-We're are santified,through His body,once and for all.
The cross He is asking us to take after Him,(Mat.16:24),is a way of life,that guides us unto righteousness,keeps us,standing firm,in Him,while in this world and finally,bring us to His purpose for us-perfection.'I in them and you in me,that they be made perfect,in one'...(John17:23)
So smile and carry your cross,after Him
I think this is such an important message. Many people seem to think that holiness, righteousness, self-denial, etc. are burdens we suffer under. These are rather the fruit of the freedom from sin and death, the bonds of which Jesus broke forever on our behalf on the Cross.