Curiosity About The Bible's Supposed Divinity

Life is an experience; we are at will to experience life with or without God. It is a personal choice.

But there would be no life at all too experience if it were not for God's love.

To reject one another's life experience is to reject God's creation. Yet another personal choice.
What makes you trust in the infallible reliability of these stories? What methods were used to insure that the story of Ruth, for example, is totally true?

Based on the definitions of Holy Spirit that I've heard, I would say no. I simply don't believe it exists. How would you say that one goes about getting this Holy Spirit?

Asking for it!!!

Is anyone here not using the forum for learning?


Some people just like to argue instead of being open to learning.

Many come to sites like this with the pre-conceived notion that they just want to "troll" and ask questions knowing that nothing said will help them in any way. Can you believe that???
I've noticed two different beliefs; belief that everyone who is baptized gets the HS and the belief that not everyone who is baptized gets the HS. You believe the latter. Why do you think people come to believe the opposite?

Anyone who accepts the Lord Jesus receives the Holy Spirit and baptism is not required either to be saved or to receivce the Holy Spirit.