Current status

In the personal information/ account area there is a bar called 'Current Status'. My current status is listed as "none". I'm not sure what type of status is supposed to be provided here, or I'd be happy to fill in the blank space. Is it like your clerical designation, or is it marital or employment status? I am not just sure, so could you please let me know what information is being sought on this line.

Thank you SO much.

People put many different things in there. For me I wrote a verse and it shows up under my name when someone clicks on my picture. So whatever you write (up to a certain amount of characters... 140 I think) will show up on your profile, and under your picture if someone clicks on your picture, and can be changed anytime you want to write something new. No limits As to how many times you change it :)

Btw... great profile picture! Very happy smile you have