Custom web design: An important factor that drives online visibility.

Website design has slowly become an important aspect that drives online visibility. Now if you are starting a new business then you will require a website because it acts as your visiting or business card over the internet. A website is also considered to be an online portfolio or catalogue of services, products and other valuable information for visitors who scan the internet to suffice their requirements.
Now there are two types of web design that you can choose from. You can either visit websites to download already designed template or get custom web design . You are probably asking what difference it will make. If you download templates from external websites then you will get only the homepage or index page and another internal page with HTML or any basic code, but what about the rest of the pages? If you need to make a website that has more than 100 pages, a shopping cart, a forum, an administrator console, and a CMS system then how can you get it done? This is where custom website design comes in.
Here are a few factors that play an important role in custom website design. They are:
Layout: The layout of the website should be based on the W3C standard and can follow the web 1.0 or web 2.0 formats. Web 1.0 format is considered to be a thing of the past but it is still as effective.
Design Elements: There are hundreds of design elements that can be included in a website but only a few are of high importance. You can design your website in Flash or keep it a simple text-image based. A Flash based website will not get indexed by search engines and hence have a low ranking. But it will look impressive. On the other hand, simple HTML-CSS or PHP website will fulfil the SEO prerequisites and help your website to get a high rank.
Another important design element is the navigation. The navigation should be clean and simple. Avoid extensive drop down lists or secondary navigations. If you have one primary navigation then that will be good enough.