Dangerous Deep Freeze

Thanks Pastor .... Just as long as I can get out on Sun to go to my brother's , I will be a happy camper. I am taking the train so should be ok .
just come over to nova scotia its been nice here. a bit of snow last night and kinda cold thismorning but its suposed to warm up a bot early next week or so i hear.
Well gee, this keeps getting better and better. We started with a snow dump a week ago, then a cold snap. Another snow dump and we are in another cold snap, unprecedented in a good decade. Windchill warning this evening, -31F. Then another snow dump coming. Our van is frozen and the kids are getting cabin fever.
Canada, eh?
wow thats kinda freakish weather for vernon isnt it? i thought you guys useually had fairly mild winters i know your springs and summers are absolutly perfect. i spent 2 springs and 4 summers there at the cadet camp and absolutl;y loved the weather (hated the camp lol). there used to be a really nice coffe shop just down the hill from the cadet camp i think it was called somthin like the Verb? that place was awsome and erals lol best restaraunt ever
Hey Chris ..... Did you see the big storm we got yesterday and now another one is coming tomorrow and Tues .... Yay !!!! So this is Winter no .... It starts tomorrow. and already they said in Dec we have had snow fall that we usually get for the whole winter ... and this is global warming .... Duh !!! and to night it is -20 .
Chris, I always used to feel sorry for you poor suckers downtown in the summers heat in your cadet uniforms. Those barracks were sweatboxes weren't they? Not exactly the coolest part of town either.
The Verve is no longer there but I think there is still one in Kelowna.

Love Earl's Restaurant's California Shrimp Pizza.

It's freaky for Vernon alright. Hope my roses survive. At least there was a good ice wine harvest this year.

As for the cabin fever, I let the girls open one present early because I knew it contained 'activities' inside. Keeps them from poking each others eyes out and me from knocking their little heads together.:cool:
yea hte verve (i was close lol) was really nice i went there with my bros g/f a few times (no nothing like that...) i didnt mind it to much the last two summers i was staff so i didnt have to ware my uniform when i went down town and i was able to go down town when ever i wanted if i was off duty. there was also a nice little internet cafe that i spent alot of time at and the beach (not to sure what one lol). the barracks wernt to bad open the doors at both ends on both sides and the ones in the washrooms you could get a bit of a breez wich made it bareable lol. the worst was the year with the fires we had to stay on base for the better part of 2 weeks that sucked.