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This post is a reply to Banarenth request not that i think anyone is a dummie.the post Spiritual harlot and babylon in advice-private discussions was posted to show how the roman church has changed early church documents from the council of nicea in 325AD namingly canon (standard) 39 to support there false teaching that the roman pope is supreme head of the church universal, which is not true in fact according to the council of nicea the first universal council of the church there where four heads of the church under Jesus Christ.
The romans did not change this canon at that time(325AD) but hundreds of years later, for up until 451AD the church was One, undivided church not broken up in to denominations, all teaching different doctrines, the purpose of this first council was to keep the faith pure and unchanged as it had been from the first century, as there where some teaching false interpretation of scripture which is a matter i will not go into now and where also teaching falsely about the Nature of Christ.The council was attended by 318 bishops, that represented every individual church in the world at that time all having been founded by one of the apostles or the successors of the apostles.evidently at this council the canon of scripture(Holy Bible) was officialy picked, as the bishops where under the guidence of the Holy Spirit, so not only do we trust that God put together the Holy Bible at this council we should also trust the other Rules or Canons that where sent to every church at that time with the bishop that represented that church.I hope this helps a bit there is a good website on early church writings which is :
and to find one of the churches that have been founded by an Apostle and has not changed there teaching that was passed on to them by the Apostles go to

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Thank you, I think I understand quite a bit about your church now, but I can't say I know anything about you at all. It's YOU I'd like to get to know, as interesting as it is to hear about taking Christianity back to the basics, we are more of a discussion and fellowship site.

*Pulls up a chair and a bubblepipe* So...tell me, vho iz zee daniel2macarius?